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Modification of a Court Order

When there has been a material and substantial change in circumstances, your current court order may not be working.  Your income may have increased or decreased, you may have had other children since the last order, or the current custody order may no longer be appropriate for your family.  Regardless of the change, The Quander Law Firm PLLC will work with you to establish a solution that is suitable for your needs. 


Grounds for a Modification

There are many instances in which a modification of a court order may be necessary.  Some common changes in which people often seek modifications:

  • A child who is 12 years of age or older has expressed a desire to live with the other parent and the change is in the child’s best interest

  • 3 years have passed and the person receiving child support Is entitled to an increase of more than 20 percent or $100.

  • The parent who primarily cares for the child wishes to relocate to a different city or state, and thus, wishes to change or eliminate the geographic restriction. 

For a Modification Evaluation, contact The Quander Law Firm.  Call (832) 930-7139 or fill in our contact form.  

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