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When couples acquire significant assets throughout the marriage or if one party already owns significant assets prior to marriage, their divorce is usually classified as a high-net worth divorce case.  Hiring an experienced Texas divorce attorney is key in ensuring that your finances are protected.  At the Quander Law Firm PLLC, we are committed to protecting your interests and guiding you through the difficult process of divorce.  

What to Expect in your High Net Worth Divorce Case

High net-worth divorce cases are generally more complex than simple divorces with low assets.  That is because there is a lot more at stake for the parties involved.  It’s important for your attorney to ensure that all assets are accounted so there can be a just and right division of the marital estate.  Here is what you can expect in your divorce case when there are high assets: 

  • The costs of your divorce will increase due to the complexities and time involved with your case.
  • A high asset divorce will take longer to complete.  To ensure that your marital estate is properly analyzed, your divorce process should not be rushed. 
  • Your spending habits during the marriage and while the divorce is pending will be heavily scrutinized. 
  • Your attorney may be required to work with other professionals for your case such as financial planners, tax consultants, or certified appraisers. 

How Does Community Versus Separate Property Affect your High Net Worth Divorce

Texas is a community property state which means that assets acquired during the marriage are presumed to be community property.  But property acquired prior to the marriage is generally considered separate property.  Using the tracing principle, property will be classified as community or separate based on the inception of title to the property.   

Community property assets can include a number of high-value assets such as marital residences, money, retirement and pension accounts, businesses, stocks and IRAs, investment properties and much more. In your divorce, these assets will be divided in a just and right division. 

Separate property assets can include gifts, inheritances, or compensation from a personal injury settlement.  Separate property assets are generally not subject to division.  However if one spouse wishes to claim property as their separate property, they have the burden of establishing that the property as separate. 

Issues in a high net-worth divorce may arise when parties co-mingle separate and community assets.  Additionally, when one party uses community funds to enrich their separate property assets, the other party may have a claim for reimbursement for the community estate.  Lastly, if one spouse is hiding or depleting assets, the other party may be awarded a disproportionate share of the community estate. 

If there is a pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreement involved in your case, the division of assets will be impacted by such agreements.   

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You work hard for your assets and they should protected at all costs. If you have a divorce with high assets, the Quander Law Firm PLLC can help you navigate the complex process of your case. Call us at (832) 930-7139 to schedule your consultation today with our high asset divorce lawyer. 

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